Vers. 15 - 68
Deuteronomy 28
The Shocking Truth About African Americans
Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
Great Black Civilizations
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Deuteronomy 28 to determine which group of people fit these curses!
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The ancient Egyptians produced one of the highest forms of civilization ever known. They were
outstanding in the fields of mathematics, astronomy and astrology, medicine, religion,
philosophy, architecture, engineering, art, government, science, mining and virtually all other
fields involving the elements of civilization.
In mathematics, the ancient Egyptians
gave us not only arithmetic, but algebra,
geometry, trigonometry, and also
calculus. Higher math was needed for
building temples and pyramids. The
Egyptian Great Pyramid is among the 7
Wonders of the World, and even today
we could not reproduce this structure.
Egyptian medical textbooks have been
found which are over 5,000 years old
and many of their methods of diagnosis
and treatment are still used today.
Ancient City In Egypt
North East Africa
Every Greek philosopher and writer
from Homer to Pythagoras and
Aristotle are known to have studied in
ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were
also the first to produce paper and had
over 700,000 books in their libraries
when invaded by Alexander
Egypt is located in Africa and according to the Bible
Noah's son Ham is the progenitor / father of the Africans
including Mizraim (Egypt).
Ancient Nubia (Sudan)
Given the outstanding accomplishments of the ancient Egyptians, it is understandable why every
society on Earth has claimed the ancient Egyptians as their ancestors including: Arabs, Europeans,
and Asians. However, the current Egyptian is as different from the ancient Egyptian as the current
American is from the ancient American (Indians).
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Do She Look European To You?
Queen Tiye - King Tut's Grandmother
Nubians played a major role in Egyptian civilization, both at its
beginning and near its end. Nubia is an ancient Black country
now located within southern Egypt and northern Sudan. Dr.
Bruce Williams from the University of Chicago published in
1979, after extensive archaeological investigation, that a
great Black Nubian dynasty preceded the 1st Egyptian
dynasty by several hundred years and introduced all of the
principles of civilization, which were later brought to fruition by
the ancient Egyptians. Evidence of an advanced political
organization with Pharaohs, an advanced writing system with
hieroglyph, and an advanced religious concept with Horus
and Osiris were all found to precede the first Egyptian
Question: If Europeans or Arabs built the great pyramids in
Egypt why are there no pyramids in Europe or the Arab
countries and more than twice as many further south in Nubia
than in Egypt? Research Meroe Sudan for yourself!
Meroe, Sudan (Nubia)
You Decide - Were The Ancient Egyptians Black Or White?
Question: Why did they break off the nose and / or the lips  from many of the ancient statues?
Now they are in a rush to come up with a lie to explain why
there are more pyramids in Nubia than Egypt and why they
are hundreds of years older!
If you want to know what really happened to the ancient Egyptians just open your Bible (Old Testament)
and read the book of Ezekiel.
Timbuktu, Mali (West Africa)
Let's not forget West Africa! As a child we
were always told that Africans could not
read or comes Timbuktu to prove
that is another lie! Not only were they
reading and writing in East Africa but also in
West Africa!
Approximately 250,000 old manuscripts still
survive in modern Ethiopia. Thousands of
documents from the medieval Sudanese
empire of Makuria, written in eight different
languages were unearthed at the southern
Egyptian site of Qasr Ibrim. Thousands of
old manuscripts have survived in the West
African cities of Chinguetti, Walata,
Oudane, Kano and Agadez.
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