Vers. 15 - 68
Deuteronomy 28
Proves African Americans (Negroes)
are the true children of Israel
Message To All Black Egyptologist
Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
Spreading the Word
Welcome to the Message to Egyptologist, my brothers and sisters in this movement this letter is
for you. As your brother I am trying to reach you with a greater understanding of truth. I
understand you are searching for an Identity and you think you have found it with the Egyptians
of old. That's not so my people, you are Hebrews and Israelites, you are following in the
footsteps of your disobedient forefathers.
Our Challenge: We will publicly debate any "Bible Theologian" on the curses
Deuteronomy 28 to determine which group of people fit these curses!
The True Name Of God (Yah)
They always looked to Egypt as a
place of refuge, the same thing you
are doing today. You have put your
trust in Pharaoh who was nothing but a
man. You have put your trust in Gods
and Goddess that can not help neither
can they heal you. You have put trust
into something that can not profit.
ISAIAH 30:1 Woe to the rebellious
children, said YAH, that take counsel,
but not of me; and that cover with a
covering, but not of my spirit, that they
may add sin to sin:
Egypt was a great Black civilization but we should
not worship them or their gods!
By Obadiyah Ysrayl
2 That walk to go down into Egypt, and
have not asked at my mouth; to
strengthen themselves in the strength
of Pharaoh, and to trust in the shadow
of Egypt!
ISAIAH 31:1 Woe to them that go down to Egypt for help; and stay on horses, and trust in chariots,
because they are many; and in horsemen, because they are very strong; but they look not unto the Holy
One of Israel, neither SEEK YAH!
2 Yet he also is wise, and will bring evil, and will not call back his words: but will arise against the house
of the evildoers, and against the help of them that work iniquity.
3 Now the Egyptians are men, and not YAH; and their horses flesh, and not spirit. When YAH shall
stretch out his hand, both he that helpeth shall fall, and he that is holpen shall fall down, and they all
shall fail together.
These scriptures are speaking directly to you "Egyptologist". You have traded in your crown for
deception, for foolishness. You just like your brother the Afro-centric Israelite have lost your way, in
reality you are farther behind then the Christian and Muslim. You have very little understanding of
ancient Egypt. You take the identity and run with it, yes the Egyptians were a black skinned people.
So were the Hebrews, Babylonians, Edomites, Ethiopians etc. I've notice the reason you fall over
backward for Egypt is because this is the place that the Gentile / European / White man hold in great
esteem. The glory of the ancients, the pyramids, tombs etc. If the Egyptians saw you today, they
would do to you the same thing they did to your ancient forefathers - Beat you over the head and put
you in shackles. It's funny how we have this great love for our slaves maters. Yes the Egyptians were
the very first slave masters of the Hebrews, The Christians, Muslims and Jews also put us into slavery.
You don't have to create a false identity from the Egyptians, you don't have to worship their false
gods. Yah is here for you, he has given you your identity back, he is the true creator. The Egyptians
of old, knew the laws of Yah the most high, but they choose not to fully follow his laws. Pharaoh can't
save you nor forgive for your transgression. The Egyptians never made a prophecy stating why in
the latter days your people would be on the bottom of all societies. This information can only be
found in your history / instruction book. The scriptures.
The rest of this letter will consists of an lesson I (Obadiyah) with the guidance of Yah the Most High
has put together. This lesson deals with your false understanding that the bible / Torah came from
the Egyptians through our great prophet Moses. It can be shown that's utter none-sense. This
letter is not open for debate, I as your Israelite Brother want to show you the error of your ways. We
as a people have suffered greatly, I don't want to see you all suffer even greater for your
Did Israel "TAKE" the laws and commandments from Egypt and Babylon?
Leviticus 26:46: These are the statutes and judgments and Laws, which Yah made
between him and the children of Israel in mount Sinai by the hand of Moses.
Exodus 13:9 And it shall be for a sign unto thee upon thine hand, and for a memorial
between thine eyes, that Yah's law may be in thy mouth: for with a strong hand hath the
LORD brought thee out of Egypt.
Deuteronomy 4:5-8
5 Behold, I have taught you statutes and judgments, even as Yah my Holy One
commanded me, that ye should do so in the land whither ye go to possess it.
6 Keep therefore and do them; for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the
sight of the nations, which shall hear all these statutes, and say, Surely this great nation
is a wise and understanding people.
7 For what nation is there so great, who hath Elohim so nigh unto them, as Yah our Holy
one is in all things that we call upon him for?
8 And what nation is there so great, that hath statutes and judgments so righteous as
all this law, which I set before you this day?
The above verses tell us that the ancient Nation of Israel was governed by laws, statues and
judgments that were given to them by the Most High himself. Those who truly believe in scripture
have no problem acknowledging that. But, for the many unbelievers, the fact that Yah gave Israel
his laws is a problem. There are many thoughts concerning the laws of Yah. Some believe they are
no longer in effect; they say the laws are no more. Others believe that Israel did not receive the
laws directly from Yah, but that they were copied from the Egyptian and Babylonian laws. In this
article, we will focus our attention on the belief that the laws and commandments did not come
directly from Yah to the Israelite nation.
The people who have this belief refer to themselves as Egyptologists. Egyptology is the study of
Egypt. Egyptologists have turned that study into a religion. They teach and promote that Egypt
was the foundation of all religious/spiritual thoughts, they say every spiritual aspect originated in
That brings us to the heart of our article. The scriptures tells us that ancient Israel spent 430
years in the land of Egypt (also referred to as the land of Ham).
Exodus 12:40 Now the sojourning of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four
hundred and thirty years.
How did the laws find their way into the Hammurabi code and Sumerian Tablets, the
oldest tablets are PRE-TORAH?"
Many are under the impression that when Yah gave Israel his commandments, this was the first
time he had given mankind his laws. What scholars and Egyptologists fail to understand is that
Yah's laws have always been with mankind, from the beginning. This is why you see a similarity
between the laws Yah gave Israel through Moses and the laws of other nations.
Things such as the sabbath, were given to man (by Yah) before Moses or before any nation was
in existence.
Gen 2:2 And on the seventh day, Yah ended his work which he had made; and he
rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.
Gen 2:3 And Yah blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had
rested from all his work which Yah created and made.
To be continued...