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Black Royalty and Excellence
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Emperor means king of kings or a sovereign ruler of great power and
rank, especially one ruling an empire.
Note: Ethiopia was never defeated or colonized by the Europeans.
Interesting Facts About Ethiopia You May Not Know
Interesting Facts About Africa and Black People
Gonder was founded by Emperor (King of Kings)  Fasiledes in 1636, it was the capital of
Ethiopia for nearly 200 years, reflected by its castle compound, that include a number of
palaces. The most famous buildings in Gonder, lie in the seventeenth century Royal Enclosure
including: Fasilides Castle, Mentewabs Castle, Iyasus Palace and Dawits Hall Palace.
Emperor (King of Kings) Fasiledes's Castle
Underground Church hewn (cut) From Solid Rock
The northern Ethiopian town of Lalibela, one of the holiest sites in the country, is known
worldwide for its monolithic rock-cut churches.
Emperor Menelik II, of Abyssinia 1844-1913
This African King was known for
wearing his hair in
Ark Of The Covenant
Aksum is a place of legend in ancient
Ethiopian culture. A resting place of
kings and queens dating back to biblical
times, the reign of the mysterious Queen
Sheba, and the alleged resting place of
the Ark of the Covenant.
The Ark Of The Covenant contains the
10 commandments given by YAH
(God) To Moses.
Statue Of Egyptian Boy
He  defeated the Europeans (Italians) in 1896 at the
battle of Adwa.
Ethiopia has never been colonized or
defeated by the Europeans and still
has many black ancient cities and
monuments still standing!
Ethiopia is one of the oldest countries in the world, you can
read about it in your Bible. Many of the children of Israel
married with the Ethiopians including Moses and King