Vers. 15 - 68
Deuteronomy 28
Proves African Americans (Negroes)
are the true children of Israel
Facts All Muslims Should Know Part 1
Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge:
Spreading the Word
Our Challenge: We will publicly debate any "Bible Theologian" on the curses
Deuteronomy 28 to determine which group of people fit these curses!
The True Name Of God (YAH)
What we would like to do is present some information about Islam, and its Prophet Muhammad.
You may or may not be familiar with. The information we will present is related to all forms of
from The Nation Of Islam to the Moorish Science Temple of America to Orthodox.
All forms of Islam can be traced back to its originator / founder, which history tells us is the
"Prophet" Muhammad Ibn Adullah.
Prior to the 7th century C.E. there
wasn't a religion on earth called Islam
or a people called Muslims. That's the
facts, even if you proclaim that Islam
means "submission to God", by name
and practice there was not a religion
called Islam until the 7th Century of the
common era.
Muhammad is the central figure of
Islam. That's why It's ultra important for
us to understand who he was before
we start to profess his faith. Muslims
make up about 6% of the U.S.
population. The majority of those who
are converting to this faith are our
people, the so called "African
American". Many of you have
gravitated toward Islam (in its many
forms) in flocks, for different reasons.
Sudanese Muslims are still stealing children for
modern day Arab slave trade.
Some of you have chosen to join because "you believe Islam is your Heritage", others have joined
because you believe Islam is the true faith. A great majority of you have joined, because you were told
Islam is the black man's religion and the prophet Muhammad was a black man. Many of you without doing
much research are conned into believing this. But the truth is, Islam is not the black man's religion,
(meaning it wasn't founded by black people, Doesn't have black prophets or a black God), the
"prophet" Muhammad was not a black man, as a matter of fact his attitude toward black people is no
different than that of the white Christian slave masters (Muhammad also owned "black" slaves). Islam is
not the faith of Abraham or Moses. In this report to you, Muslims, I will deal with the Islamic group known
as the Nation of Islam (NOI).
First let me prove that Muhammad was not a black man, he was WHITE, it is written in the Hadith (The
Hadith is a collection of writing about Muhammad's every day life, these were written by
people who knew and followed him. The Hadith can be called Islam version of the Gospels
because it tells of Muhammad life and teachings)
In Hadith no.63,vol 1, it says: "When a man arrived at the mosque, he asked, "who amongst
you is Muhammad?" The companions of the prophet replied "THIS WHITE MAN RECLINING
In Hadith no.122, vol 2 and in vol 2 Hadith no. 141, when Muhammad raised his arms in prayer, it
tells us that 'The WHITENESS of his armpits became visible".
The Hadith vol 1, no. 367 tells us
that Anas, one of Muhammad's trusted companions
"saw the WHITENESS of the penis of Allah's
My brother or sister if you converted to Islam because you were told by other Muslims that Muhammad
was a "black" man, you have been led away from the truth and became a Muslim by lies and
deception. The fact remains that Muhammad was not black as many have been told.
Next Muhammad was a owner of "black" slaves
In Hadith no.436, vol 6, It says: when Umar came to visit Muhammad, he saw a "BLACK SLAVE
OF ALLAH'S APOSTLE sitting on the first step" Ibn Qayyim alJawiyya, a great Muslim
historian, wrote in his famous book Zad al-Ma'ad (part 1 pg 160): "Muhammad had many
male and female slaves. He used to buy and sell them, but he purchased more than he
sold, especially after God empowered him by his message, as well as after his immigration
from Mecca. He once sold one black slave for two. His name was Jacob al-Mudbir".
Muhammad also mistreated his "slaves." He also said "That if you dreamed of a "black" woman, this
was an evil omen (Hadith no 9, vol,162,163). He also referred to black people as
"raisin heads"
(Hadith no.662, vol 1). Arabs are still buying and selling black slaves today. In the Sudan, Muslims
slave markets has been revived as blacks in chains from the Dinka Tribe are now being auctioned off
to Muslim masters.(see video above) In Arabic the common word for black is "Abd" which also means
After knowing this how could Noble Drew Ali, Elijah Muhammad, Minister Farrakhan and others bring
Islam to our People. This is a great disservice, what is the difference between how the European
Christians slave masters treated our people, and the way the Arabs (Muhammad in particular) treated
us. The nation of Islam says the doctrine of the Christians is false, they say that Black Christians have
been tricked into believing in a white god. They also say that, Christianity is white supremacy and the
doctrine of God (or a God) coming in the body of man is false. But the nation of Islam worship a white
god in the "form of a man" named Fard Muhammad.
The White Gods Of Christianity and the Nation of Islam.
Tell me whats the difference between the god of
the NOI and Christianity?
As much as Farrakhan would like to believe
the doctrine of the NOI is liberating to the
black (Hebrew) man, it's not. Why do you
bash the Christians for believing the
Christian god ("JESUS") came in the form of
a man. When you say and believe your god
Allah came into the body of a White man
named Fard Muhammad. You teach and
believe Fard is the greatest god of all.
According to your doctrine Fard father was
an original black god and he mated with a
white woman, a pure Caucasian.
Fard says that one black god created the moon, and another black god created the heavens, and
the earth. Fard said there were 24 gods known as scientist, these gods existed before him. One of
them was his father, "Master Wali Fard", He said all the Knowledge of the previous gods was
embodied in himself and he was the greatest god there ever was. (Elijah Muhammad, "Our Savior
has arrived" pg 96)
Both claim to be gods,
Both the NOI and Christians say their WHITE SKINNED god is a savior,
Both the NOI and Christians devote a special day once a year to the so called
birth of their gods. The NOI day is called "Saviors" Day, Christians celebration is
called Christmas.
Both gods "incarnated" into the body of white men, this can be found in the NOI
newspaper the Final Call. On the last page of every Final Call it gives 12
statements of what the NOI believe, number 12 says:
12. WE BELIEVE that Allah (God) appeared in the person of Master W. Fard Muhammad, July,
1930; the long-awaited messiah of the Christians and the Mahdi of the Muslims.
(interesting note
the NOI says Fard Muhammad is the messiah of the Christians; the messiah of the
Christians is the NOI telling us their white god Fard is also the same as the
white Christian Christ?).
I don't want this to sound like I'm caught up on race but the truth of this matter has to be told. My
point of going into a little of the NOI doctrine is to show you that, no matter how you try to make
Islam into the black man's religion with black gods and prophets, you can't. Islam is a slave making
religion, it's effects on black people in the Americas and Africa is no different than the effect
Christianity had on us. Many of the brothers and sisters in Africa were forced to convert to Islam
just as we were forced to convert to Christianity. Muslim Arabs (including Muhammad) were our
first slave masters and Islam was our first slave masters religion.
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